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3 Layers Folding Clothing Dry Hanger

It is excellent for indoor or outdoor use and its made of premium quality. 3 Layer Clothes Hanger Rack Hi-quality and durable Steel rails can take weight of heavy wet clothes.Triple Layer Cloth Rack Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, it is strong and durable so you can leave your washing outside on a warm day and be confident that it will not end up on the floor. With a generous amount of drying space, you can use it for clothes, towels or bedding, with enough room for a whole load of laundry. When your clothes are dry and put away, just fold the airer and conveniently store it ready for next time.

Black And Decker TF50-B5 50W 3 Speed Tower Fan with Timer – Black

Black and Decker TF50-B5 is featured with 50W tropical motor rotary temperature dial for easy control. 3-speed settings. Wide 65 degree oscillation for improved air circulation. 120 min auto-off timer. Carry handle for convenient portability. Low noise operation lt 54 dba. Wide base for stability.

Britemax DP-700-BR Dustpan with Brush

Clean your home of every fleck of dust and dirt in minutes with the Royalford One Click Series Brush. Thanks to the good quality cleaning brush, helps maintain your house clean. The handle gives comfort to grip. This brush is secure to use which never leaves any scratches. It comes with a dust pan for added convenience.

Clikon CK4209-N 1200Watt Halogen Heater – Grey

Be it summer or winter, having the perfect room temperature is essential. Room heater is a that can effectively heat any given surrounding at adjustable temperatures. This product greatly helps to keep you warm during winters. The room heater is safe to use.

Cordless YH-001 Portable Electric Automatic Water Pump

It has a built-in battery and can be charged for more than 15 days.It work with low noise will not affect the health and rest of the family. It is equipped with intelligent 2 modes quantitative water outflow, 0.3L or 1.0L, one button fast water outlet without waiting

Embossed We Love Super Soft Korean Quality 2Ply Double Blanket

Keep your bed clean and neat by covering with the Embossed Blanket. The super-soft fabric will sure take you to the amazing world and allows you to sleep comfortably. With high quality fabric, it gives smoother touch than other regular blankets. The lightweight design makes it easy for travel and carrying.

Epsilon EN4434 Key Chain Scale

The Epsilon Key Chain Scale is here for your rescue. You can easily and comfortably measure quantities at home without searching further for the right tool. The electronic scale is designed to offer precise results each and every time. Though the hook looks sleek and lightweight, it supports weight up to 25kgs.

Generic Cooling Umbrella

This Generic Cooling Umbrella is suitable for both wet and dry weather. Whether on a family vacation or a day at the beach, the Limitless Umbrella Fan will help protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. While you cool down and shade yourself on a hot summers day, Don't worry about getting your fingers caught in the fan blades, this fan has been well designed with a protective net around the spinning fan blades.

In-house SR-8603 6 Layer Shoe Rack Assorted

In the morning rush hour, every minute counts. So you don't have time to waste hunting for your favorite shoes. Shoe storage will make finding it in a breeze. And that way, you can devote those few extra minutes to sleep instead.

Inductive Rainbow Color Changing Magic Cup Assorted

It is to show the glare of the colorful LED lights when Raising your hand. When the drinks, also glow glaring light colors,That is a kind of charm and mysterious, even the stimulation of fresh feeling.Light is on when the cup is filled with liquid (water, drink, alcohol etc.), Flicking rhythm is changeable automatically. And Light is off when there is no liquid Rainbow Color Changing Magic Cup Assorted

Marrath Smart Water Purifier – White

Know the quality of the water you drink using the Marrath Smart RO water purifier and Marrath Home APP. The fast-growing international brand Marrath inspire transform every home to smart home easily using their premium quality smart products and Marrath Home APP. Know the quality of the water you drink using the Marrath Smart RO water purifier and Marrath Home APP. German Red Dot Design award winner Marrath smart Wi-Fi RO water purifier uses 3 in 1 composite filter to intercept large particulate impurities remaining in the water and absorb residual chlorine, odour and colour. Highly accurate RO reverse osmosis membrane removes bacteria, chemical pesticide residues, radioactive particles and so on. Get the purification statistics in Marrath Home APP and the water purifier unit will show the filter status in red, yellow and green indicator light. The smart filter has a 400G large amount of water purification capacity per filter duration and you can drink immediately after filtering. The filter has 1L/min water output with minimum loss of wastewater. The smart water purifier is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Portable Electric Folding Clothes Hanger Dryer Drying Rack Travel Laundry Rack- White

This product is convenient, energy saving, the use of clothes to form hood, so that hot air flow in the clothes inside the collection, circulation, to achieve the purpose of fast drying; products can be dry care, anti-mildew moisture, mite sterilization, eliminate odour. Hot air, cold dual mode switch. After the power is turned on, the machine enters the standby state and the blue light flashes; after pressing the start button, the blue light stops blinking and turns to the red light constant state, the machine will work continuously for 3 hours after entering the hot air mode and then will automatically switch to the cold mode.