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Best inexpensive business ideas to make money online


Launching an online business has some benefits: no need to spend money on renting an office, and more flexibility in creating a convenient work schedule. But the best benefit for aspiring entrepreneurs is that lots of online businesses are incredibly easy and inexpensive to start. If you find yourself wondering: “What is the best business for beginners? What small business can I start?” you are in the right place.

Resell products from local businesses

Supporting local business has become more than a trend during the last year. Customers are eager to adapt their shopping habits if it can help small businesses in their area. You can satisfy the demand by setting up a store featuring products from local companies.

For example, you can set up a gift shop that offers bouquets, gift baskets, chocolate, and other products made by local artisans.

Start an organic food delivery service

This option is great if you have a car and there are farms in your area that grow organic food. You can partner with them to sell farm products to local customers (one more way to support local businesses) With, it is easy to organize local delivery.

Sell simple digital products

Digital products have a huge advantage over physical goods. You don’t need to manage inventory and shipping, which makes running a business much easier. We are not saying you need to create your own software to sell; there are lots of other digital products almost everyone can make! For example: downloadable recipes, checklists, tutorials, printable for distance learning, designs for embroidery, or even local travel guides. Just open a shop in and start selling your products.

Create and sell DIY products

Looking for small business ideas for teens? Selling handmade goods is one of the easiest ways to start a small business: there are many products you can make yourself from inexpensive materials and without official training.

For example, if you’re interested in craft business ideas, consider making and selling candles, notecards, pet toys, soap, or handmade bags. It won’t take much time to learn how to make them, and you can find plenty of lessons online.

Sell homemade food and drinks

Whether you’re a fan of homemade food, or dream of running a local catering company, this home business idea can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. No matter what you have in mind.

Options for selling food and drinks are limited only by your interest, innovative spirit, and imagination. You can sell food for special occasions like birthday cakes, sell daily or weekly meal plans, offer non-alcoholic beverages for parties, or create special sweets for people with allergies.

Become an online tutor or sell online courses

Online learning has steadily grown in popularity over the last decade, and the number of people studying online has increased significantly due to the pandemic. While kids and teens were getting used to distance learning, more and more adults have been brushing up on skillsets with various online courses.

Its unlikely people will forget about online learning when the pandemic wanes, so there still will be a demand for online tutors and online courses.

If you’re not a teacher, but have expert-level knowledge in a specific niche, you can offer your services to those who’d like to learn a new skill. You can give lessons via Zoom, or create a video course and sell it on our website.

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